About Academic Sessions

1. Q: What is the SCIM Academic Session?

A: The SCIM Academic Session is an opportunity to gain the knowledge and skills to be considered as a qualified teacher of the programs of the Diamond Cutter Institute.

2. Q: Where is the Academic Session going to take place?

A: SCIM Academic Session 11 will be offered online for the first time.

3. Q: How many Academic Sessions will SCIM offer each year? Can I skip sessions and come to later ones?

A: SCIM will offer three Academic Sessions per year. Each session will build on previous sessions, and include new material. Students who miss sessions will have to catch up through review courses taught by SCIM graduates.

4. Q: What are the prerequisites to participate in the Academic Session?

A: To participate in the SCIM Academic Session, an individual must:

-Complete and submit the application form
Be selected for the program
Submit the application fee, if selected for attendance

5. Q: How many courses are there in total?
A: SCIM Academic Sessions are planned for 3 Session a year. It will take about 5 years to finish the DCI and ACI parts of the program.
6. Q: Who will be teaching the classes in the session?

A: Geshe Michael Roach and selected DCI teachers will lead all classes. Geshe Michael Roach will teach a significant portion of the classes in this Academic Session.

7. Q: What is the origin of these courses?

A: The SCIM program classes are presented as training for preparation to teach courses offered by The Diamond Cutter Institute and are derived from the lineage of teachings of the Gelugpa School of Buddhism, with primary emphasis on the teachings of Je Tsongkapa (1357-1419).

8. Q: Is this course open to anyone? Are there any restrictions?
A: All applicants will be evaluated and considered for admission. SCIM observes a code of ethics which will be expected of all students, and included as part of the training.
9. Q: If I attend this course, am I then qualified to be a DCI teacher?

A: The SCIM Academic Sessions are preparations for each individual to be considered as teaching candidates in the worldwide programs of The Diamond Cutter Institute.  Once a student has completed an SCIM Academic Session, they may begin to seek teaching opportunities with DCI.  It is up to the prerogative of the administration of DCI, whether to accept students as teaching interns or for any other opportunities with the organizations.

10. Q: If I get elected and finish the course will I have a guaranteed position in DCI?

A: The SCIM academic session is the beginning of training in teaching DCI principles. Successful completion of a required number of SCIM academic sessions makes an individual eligible to apply to DCI for teaching opportunities.

11. Q: Can I do the courses online?

A: Yes! This is our very firts SCIM online Academic Session.

12. Q: What happens if I miss one course? Will there be a second round?
A: SCIM Academic Sessions are planned to build on one another and continue indefinitely into the future. To receive a degree from SCIM, a student must attend or make up all Academic Sessions.

About Applications

13. Q: What is the application process?

A: After August 9th, 2020 the SCIM Admissions Committee will evaluate and select applicants for attendance. SCIM will let you know in writing or via e-mail whether you have been accepted, and ask you to pay your tuition. After the tuition has been paid, SCIM will send you your Confirmation of Enrollment. At this point we recommend you to buy your plane tickets and arrange your accommodation.

14. Q: What are the costs of the program?

A: There is no cost this time on application fee.

15. Q: What is the tuition fee for one 14-day Academic Session?

A: The tuition fee for the SCIM Academic Session is going to be $3,300. But for Academic Session 11 we have a special 20% Off discount.
Small amount of financial aid may be available to qualified applicants.

16. Q: Do I get a discount if I subscribe to multiple academic sessions?
A: There are discounts available if you plan to attend several academic sessions. Please get in contact with us for more information at seiji.arao@sedonacollegeinternational.com
17. Q: Is there any Financial Aid available? –like scholarships or work study options?
A: There is a limited amount of Financial Aid available to qualified applicants. Please contact Program Coordinator Seiji Arao at seiji.arao@sedonacollegeinternational.com if you are in need of Financial Aid. We invite you to work on your ethical behavior, please do not ask for financial aid if you have the means to get the resources.
18. Q: What happens if I want to cancel after I paid my tuition fee? Will I get my money back?

A: In case of any cancellations, there is a cancellation fee of 45.5% within 45 days before the event and 90.9% within 30 days before the event. After the event starts there are no refunds.

19. Q: What happens if I have mental health problems?
A: All applicants will be considered for admission based on their overall resume, experience and skill set.  SCIM Administration will do their best to match students to the Academic Session in a way that is most beneficial for everyone involved.
20. Q: What happens if I have health problems?
A: All applicants will be given fair evaluation for admission. The SCIM Academic Sessions are rigorous ten-day periods with a heavy schedule of learning and training. We strongly recommend that all applicants consider whether they are in strong enough physical and mental condition for the AS, so that they can focus on learning during this period of time.

About Academic Session #11

21. Q: What are the dates of the Academic Session #11?

A: The Academic Sessions will take place over 14 days, with a break in the middle from September 10th through September 23rd, 2020

22 Q: Which courses will be offered during the Academic Session #11?

A: There will be two courses offered in the May 2020 Academic Session:

-Diamond Cutter Institute Level 11 Teacher Training (DCI students are required to complete the additional Diamond Mining classes on how to obtain DCI LifeTools from ancient texts of Asia portion of the training)

23. Q: When is the deadline for applications to Academic Session #11?

A: Applications must be submitted no later than August 9th, 2020 at 23:59:00

24. Q: What is the outcome of a graduate student from the Academic Session #11?

A: A graduated student from the Academic Session #11 will be equipped with the necessary tools to be a DCI teacher in training.

The curriculum of the SCIM program is divided into “Four Legs of the Table”:

Content: The Raw Knowledge that teachers need to transmit to their students
Presentation and Teaching Skills: How to engage and audience and deliver a message
Professionalism and Ethics: The Role and Rules of a Teacher
Production and Business: How to produce a successful event

25. Q: Can I participate some of the days and have other days off during the course?
A: To graduate from an Academic Session, a student must attend 100% of the classes required by their study track.

Other Questions

26. Q: Can I bring my translator if my English proficiency is not high enough?

A: Depending on application, we will assign a translator for each major language.

27. Q: Will my information be shared or made public?
A: All information in your application will be kept strictly confidential, except for approved use by SCIM staff, administrators, and health professionals.
28. Q: Can I record the teachings with my own recording device?
A: SCIM requests that students will not make personal recordings of teaching sessions.

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