Academic Sessions

The Sedona College of International Management is scheduling three 14-day Academic Sessions every year, which are designed to train individuals in the skills necessary to be considered for opportunities in the international programs of The Diamond Cutter Institute, The Asian Classics Institute, and The Asian Classics Translator Program.

Two areas of focus are typically offered in each Academic Session:

DCI Level 10/ACI Course 12 Teacher Training

Preparation for participation in worldwide programs of The Diamond Cutter Institute.

January 07 to January 22, 2020

Asian Classics Translator Course 10

Preparation for participation in ongoing efforts of the Asian Classics Translator Program.

January 07 to January 22, 2020

All SCIM Academic Sessions are given in English language only, and so require fluency in English. Each session will build on previous sessions, and includes new material.
Applications are accepted in advance for the the Academic Sessions. SCIM will notify SCIM e-mail subscribers of the opening of Application process for each Academic Session.
IMPORTANT: Please Read the Frequently Asked Questions Before Applying. 

Once finished with the FAQ, please click the “Apply Now” button.

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