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The Sedona College of International Management draws from years of experience in finding, preserving and translating ancient classics into a modern form that can be put to practical use in everyday business and personal life.



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The Sedona College of International Management is scheduling three 14-day Academic Sessions every year as well as an annual Global Innovation Summit at the Sedona Headquarters.



Academic Sessions


The Sedona College of International Management is scheduling three 14-day Academic Sessions every year.

Applications for January, 2020 are opening up.


Brian Rashid at Academic Session 9 SCIM

On 24 September 2019, CEO, Entrepreneur, Writer and Public Speaker Brian Rashid spent 75 minutes with the DCI Training track participants to talk about Personal Brands, the importance of company branding, tips and tricks for public speaking, and why we do all of...



Can you remember a time when it was a major life event to travel to another country? With today’s advances in technology and travel, borders are dissolving. You can sit in a plane for a few hours and be in China, The Russian Federation, The United Arab Emirates or Bali. Academic Sessions and Global Leadership Summits at The Sedona College of International Management are bringing together professionals from more than 30 countries to design and practice a new paradigm for corporate and personal leadership. Our worldwide network of partners gathers regularly in Sedona to train hard on techniques for teaching a radically new ancient ideas for leadership at our new global headquarters in the stunningly beautiful red rocks of Sedona, Arizona. Join us, and be a part of the revolution!



SCIM Endowment


Thank you for your vision! The Sedona College of International Management is committed to mining great ideas for Excellence in Leadership Worldwide, and training professionals to create a new standard for sustainable success worldwide by taking these great ideas back home to their corporations, governments and startups, and infusing them into their culture. SCIM Academic Sessions in Sedona promise to make leadership a worldwide lifestyle for every person. To achieve this goal, we must insure the future of the institution with our endowments. At SCIM we take bold steps into the future with every international training, and we thank you for your partnership in this global goal!


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